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    Howard Beardmore DO – Founder of Biometherapy

    I first trained to be an Architect studying in London and Yorkshire gaining a Bsc Hons degree in Architecture and RIBA II post graduate qualifications.

    Recalling early personal experiences within Natural Therapeutics, I decided to change course and train to be an Osteopath. It seemed logical that the background I had in solving design problems would easily translate into finding solutions for living beings.

    A new return to roots finds me designing an ‘off grid – eco house’ and strangely enough planning a build, making it symbiotic with the environment, self regulating and independent – feels like I am using Osteopathic diagnosis to make planning decisions! Logic and Nature hand in hand.

  • My Osteopathic education began at Maidstone College in 1992 under the tutelage of Osteopath Mr John Wernham, but my learning did not stop there. During this 4-year full time course, it became clear to me that my greatest learning was not coming from the college itself, but the questions that were not being answered about what we were actually doing.

    I graduated as a DO from The Maidstone College of Osteopathy in 1996 with a Diploma in Osteopathy and started working immediately – quickly building a busy, Osteopathic practice which thrives to this day. Simultaneously I began teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Osteopathic principles and mechanics with an evolved constitutional approach based on my exploration of Natural Therapeutics.

    I found myself researching and evolving my own narrative to explain to both my patients and I what I was doing each day in clinic. The profession really needed an overhaul with regards to its approach, too much medical pathology had crept in and erased the core ideas of the modern Osteopathic approach.

    Along my evolving journey, I’ve been fortunate to build professional relationships with some key players in constitutional therapeutic. These include Keki Sidhwa a Natural Hygienist who was trained by Herbert Shelton and Charlotte Gerson, the daughter of Max Gerson, the founder of ‘Gerson Therapy’. I have shared many complex cases to resolution with them, sharing ideas and approaches to help patients recover.

  • I have lectured internationally on Osteopathic methods to students and practicing Osteopaths for over 20 years which led to the formation of the British Institute of Osteopathy in 2012. My newsletter has a readership of over 1000 Osteopaths worldwide and is a leading “go to” publication for Osteopathic discourse. You can register for current newsletters on this site.

    Our ability to rally the profession, when politics dictate a call for action, have resulted in regime changes at trade and regulatory levels – on many occasions. The threat to the survival of constitutional approaches in the modern day is as strong as it was in the days of Hippocrates. The public have a legal right to consider their health options when faced with health choices and nothing should get in the way of that freedom.


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    I have personally overseen the successful BIO Practical Course that has trained over 70 Osteopaths to think with more clarity and practice with more integrity – applying a constitutional therapeutic approach that encompasses the fullest scope of Osteopathic practice possible in the modern clinical setting. Successful graduates of this programme became founding members of the British Institute of Osteopathy.

    The new online course is an extension of the original BIO course and you can start that pathway today by going to Fast Track to Better Practice

    I have an extensive resources library of historic books on constitutional therapeutics, with many early editions signed by the authors. Going to source, constructively criticising, referencing the sources and more importantly – evolving these works, is a life-times work.

    Passing this knowledge on in a meaningful way so you can use it in a modern clinical setting is a huge and enjoyable responsibility – hence the formation of Biometherapy.

  • Mr John Wernham and I after a talk to a Japanese delegation.  4 months later he died, aged 99. My most important learning experience with Mr Wernham was being a patient of his, for 20 years.

    My journey since then has been to update and evolve Osteopathic principles and methods to take account of the much changed modern clinical environment that was not able to be considered with the earlier Osteopathic pioneers. 

    You can read about some of the influences and thought processes that have gone into developing a modern Osteopathic approach that is fit for purpose here:

    Timeline of Osteopathic influences and thought processes

    This is not to dismiss earlier influences, quite the opposite. The Osteopathic oath from A T Still makes it clear that we all have a duty to evolve the basic underpinning biological truths with newer knowledge as it emerges and to develop Osteopathy to make it fit for purpose.

    If you would like to update your clinical Osteopathic approach with my evolutionary approach there is no better way to do it than start with the Osteopathic underpinning theory course here on this link:

    Fast Track to Better Osteopathic Practice Overview and courses

    Scroll down for the overview and further for more details on an Osteopathic pathway that will transform your practice. Once you have completed the online course, covered over the four films and assessments – you can apply for the focused practice days.

    Constitutional Technique Practical day

    We will to be announcing dates for those online delegates waiting for a Practical Masterclass and depending on numbers and location this may be in the UK or abroad. Check the events page for the next Practical instruction days or click the link above for Constitutional Technique Practical days above.

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