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Biometherapy is the educational online platform for the British Institute of Osteopathy.

Biometherapy came about as a concept, the direct consequence of evolving and updating many early ideas in natural therapeutics. There was nothing wrong with the basic ideas of early writers, but what has changed is the clinical context and the types of patients we see every day in clinic. This has driven the need for an updated narrative.

The modern clinical setting has many more confounding factors when we attempt to approach body therapy constitutionally. It is not possible to ignore these factors and proceed to treatment by relying on old texts alone.
What is needed is a new platform and a new title – free of the constraints that can often arise from purely historic labels. This has at last, enabled a true evolution to take place and provide a new online learning platform BIOMETHERAPY

If the body is a Biome, a living symbiotic entity then we need a narrative that truly reflects that sentiment that is both clinically relevant and clinically effective.

  • The constitutional approach to therapeutics

    Taking back the control of recovering health

    Fear in unhealth, is in part, based upon lack of knowledge and is a serious obstruction to recovering health. The first part of healing fear in the recovery process is having a good understanding of the task ahead. Having an action plan with common sense, that puts you at the centre of your patient’s recovery not only makes sense – it is vital.

    My knowledge base on mentoring patients, as part of a team, back to health has come directly from clinical practice – and of course the patients themselves.

    In the beginning, during patient mentoring and managing difficult cases, I sought solutions elsewhere and only found part answers, there wasn’t really anyone you could call and ask. This drove me to develop my own narrative, enabling me to understand more of where the patient was on that journey and then more importantly-how to help them not give up.

    So although my work started with some great authors and teachers, the vast majority of what I have learned has come from my own direct clinical experience and endless search for answers to important questions from old text and theories. This has allowed me to evolve what I do and keep it alive.

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    Constitutional diagnosis – the key to dispelling fear

    The constitutional approach is about identifying the obstructions to health and treatment is directed at removing these obstructions. Sometimes this is obvious, at other times it can be more complex. Over the 23 years I have been in practice, I would say that my patients learn to know as much as I do about how to stay well and how to do it.
    The key to a constitutional approach with patients is to have a way of seeing the problem as part of a Biome. Look for the context, not for explanations of pathology.

    In a house when we see mould, we don’t immediately reach for the fungicide, especially when there is a hole in the roof – so why do this with the body?

    In a car with the ‘tracking out’ we may only see the ‘symptom’ of worn tyres on the inside, giving ‘exercise’ as treatment will only make the presenting problem worse.
    Many patients who come with aches, pains and dysfunction have only ever had an isolated assessment and treatment is only directed at the symptoms. This is obviously totally relevant in an acute combative emergency, but most patients are not this acutely ill.

    If we approach the chronic health patient from the perspective of trying to find out why they are not well instead of why they are unwell we often find answers.

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