• The British Institute of Osteopathy course Fast Track to Better Practice is now available as a 3-part series

    This three-part series is specifically designed for both practicing Osteopaths and Osteopathic students who want to embrace the fuller possibilities of modern clinical practice, using a constitutional approach.

    The course is called Fast Track to Better Practice because it is exactly that. I have spent my entire career reading, distilling and evolving the great historic theories and drawing on 23 years of clinical practice, so you don’t have to start at the beginning.

    I have road tested the method over 23 years, collated illustrated cases so you can see clinical evidence of what you are learning.

  • PART 1 – Online Learning

    Stop press ’15 second back button feature coming soon’ to make watching easier when those great points come. This is an update being worked on right now in response to delegate’s feedback. So it’s not the content that needed a ‘tweak’ it’s the controls and it will be up and running very soon.

    Creating better practitioners and peers – A comprehensive tool for learning giving you 45+ hours of online CPD.

    • 4 films totalling almost 9 hours of high definition video, captioned, animated and illustrated making your learning dynamic:
      • Film 1 – Introducing The Constitutional Approach to Therapeutics. Physiological Sphere Part 1 – Constitutional Immune System
      • Film 2 – The Constitutional Approach to Therapeutics. Physiological Sphere Part 2 – Osteopathic Principles
      • Film 3 – Constitutional Biomechanics
      • Film 4 – Constitutional cases explained
    • Additional downloadable resources for each subject covered which can be printed and kept for reference:
      • Bullet points
      • Essays
      • New Charts and features
      • Course bibliography reference access – new feature
      • Download completion Certificate for online summative assessment – CPD hours totalling 45+ hours over the four films, listed on each completion certificate.
    • Work at your pace with no need to travel
    • Full access to Howard Beardmore DO

    Online learning part 1

  • Online learning part 2

    PART 2 – Summative Online Assessment

    • An individual online assessment for Films 1 – 4
      Multiple choice format
    • Repeat the assessments as many times as needed in order to pass
    • Certificate upon successful completion of each assessment
    • Unlocks eligibility for Part 3 – Practical Day (open only to Osteopaths and Osteopathic students)
    • Opportunity to become a Member of the British Institute of Osteopathy
  • PART 3 – Introduction to Constitutional Technique

    Practical Day

    • Contraindications – to a constitutional approach
    • Invisible holding – how to hold the patient so they let go
    • Points of reaction – when to pause and when to continue
    • Seamless articulation – Moving from one area to another
    • Reducing the sympathetic tone, preparation for cleaning action
    • Reactions to treatment – mentoring the patient
    • Oscillating the spine – setting up for bone adjustment
    • Adjusting the spine and pelvis – one long conjoint movement
    • Adjusting the dorsal spine – a process of integration
    • An introduction to the cervicals – the entry level articulatory adjustment
    • Peripheral technique – tidying up loose ends – feet, hands, elbows, knees, liver and ‘reflex shoulders’
    • Preparatory technique in chronicity – dealing with contracture
    • Drainage – the value of local work as a mediator to reactions and preparation for chronic cases
    • Dietetic considerations – a baseline of requirements

    Online learning part 3

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