About Biometherapy

Biometherapy is the educational online platform for the British Institute of Osteopathy.

Biometherapy is a platform for practitioners who wish to approach their solution from a constitutional perspective, fully recognising the body as a biome.

Our Fast Track to Better Practice online course accounts for 45+ hours of your CPD, all detailed on the accompanying certificate issued on completion.

Fast Track to Better Practice

The two-part online course is specifically designed for both practicing Osteopaths and Osteopathic students who want to embrace the fuller possibilities of modern clinical practice, using a constitutional approach.

How does the series work?

4 films totalling almost 9 hours of high definition video, captioned, animated and illustrated making your learning dynamic. Each film is accompanied by download essays, bullet points and included further reading resources.

What does each film cover?

An individual online assessment for Films 1 – 4 in a multiple choice format generating a certificate detailing CPD hours on completion.

How does the assessment work?

A Practical course of 6 days taking place in Reading Berkshire on one Sunday a month from January to May 2024. Dates and more details will be coming soon so register designed to solidify what you’ve learned in Parts 1 and 2.

What is included on the practical day?

What our course graduates think

Howard…I would like to congratulate you because I am so happy from what I have learned so far…the course has made such a big impact on myself and on my patients…and I am very enthusiastic about continuing to learn from you. Thank you very much. Thanks so much for answering all of my questions, it really helps.

I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I enjoyed your course Fast Track to Better Practice – Film 1 Introducing the Constitutional Approach to Therapeutics Physiological Sphere (part 1) – Constitutional Immune System. I have gained a greater understanding on what Osteopathy is. Looking at the constitution as part of my diagnostic tool kit is the bit that I have found really helpful and this was missing as part of my…

I am able to download the DL leaflet from my account area and have printed out copies to give to my patients. What a good idea and if you come up with any other leaflets like that I’d be interested in those too. Take control of your bowel  – patient handout leaflet

I  was excited when Howard told us about the Biometherapy online course.  Although I did Howard’s original course in 2013, it was good to reinforce the constitutional approach again and see how it has developed.  I can watch the films according to my needs and easily go back when required.  The films are well presented and Howard explains the material well…simple and easy to follow. Whenever there are any technical issues with the site, Howard…