Reviews and testimonials for BIO courses – online and Practical

Whilst delivering courses I really believe in creating peers, not followers. Passing on knowledge that is immediately useful in clinic and then seeing other Osteopaths delivering the goods and making it their own, makes it all worthwhile.

Here are some comments from some current online course delegates and from those too – who have gone on to become members of the British Institute of Osteopathy.

What BIO online delegates are saying – right now

My tutoring hour – one to one over Zoom with Howard gave me the chance to ask question based around what I had learned using approaches explained within the Biometherapy online course. It was also possible to discuss patients from my own clinic. Howard created a warm Environment to discuss and ask questions in. When I asked question based on my current patient’s symptoms, it just took seconds for Howard to unpack them using this constitutional diagnostic approach. (We used the A3 printed additional resources diagnostic charts as a framework for ‘case unpacking) A3 Constitutional diagnostic mind-maps

In one of my cases he explained how symptoms in the legs could originate from problems in the uterus because of the viscero somatic connections and the bilateral nature of the symptoms. Howard guessed she wore a uterine coil and explained how their role in creating low grade inflammations for contraception can have viscero somatic side effects. He gave a rational for how her migraine and psoriasis had got worse because of the palliative history of her symptoms. He also explained how the uterus in her case affected  the posture and why her right ankle was so easy to sprain (because the centre of gravity shifts to the right, throwing out the walking gait. Recognising reflex patterns and not palliating them, is a core part of this course). The deeper physiological explanations, throughout every reaction the patient had, opened up what more questions to I needed to ask the patient. Also I got the zoom one to one recorded and stored, within my personal online account; so I could watch it again.

Jerker Ståhl Sweden February 2021 current online course delegate

Hello Howard, I hope you re well. I just watched film 3, Constitutional Biomechanics –  and I would like to give you many thanks, because in this video you explain really well the reasons why we have to approach the general constitutional treatment in this way. You have made it so much more understandable. 

Gabriel SUÑER Lliteras Spain February 2021

Hi Howard!
So much to take in with lots of information and no chit chatting 🙂
Fascinating how you put old knowledge into today’s setting.
Love the course so far, I have just watched the first film once and have printed all the download resources – reading them now, before I see the film a second time like you recommended.

Bjorn Thorngren Sweden January 2021

My experience doing your BIO online course is just positive so far, as I mentioned I am in part 2 at the moment. Technically it works perfectly! The content is exactly that what I was looking forward to learning for a long time. Osteopathic Principles were taught at the college I studied at, but rarely in combination with patient cases and not constitutionally oriented. The online BIO course is a lot of good information, sometimes I have to go back a few seconds or minutes to listen to it again, in order to get everything. I do as you recommended, I watch each film, then read the download resources essays and bullet points, and after that I will watch the films  again. I think it works best!
PS. I got happy when I heard you were educated as an architect, so am I!

Thank you Sabine Stage Sweden January 2021

I would like to thank and recommend The British Institute of Osteopathy’s Practical Course run by Howard Beardmore. Having graduated with a very structured approach, I have never felt that the models I use align with my technical approach. The BIO course cuts straight to the heart of Osteopathy and Howard pulls no punches when it comes to demonstrating it’s rich history. Whether it’s understanding the physiological link between patient symptoms and underlying constitutional causes, or showing you how to pick up a limb properly, this course covers it all. I have helped patients resolve simple disc issues through to reversing amenorrhea. Using nothing but Howard’s teachings methods and evolved techniques. I would recommend the BIO course pathways to anyone who wishes to gain an integrated treatment routine, clearly evolved osteopathic narrative and the confidence to help patients with more complex clinical presentations. Thanks Howard,

Josh Masson Osteopath UK current BIO Member

This course has been really enriching. I’ve been an osteopath for nearly 15 years and I found the course a great refresher and has restored my passion and enthusiasm for Osteopathy. Especially the illustrated real case histories and their modern interpretation. There has been a great balance of both theory and practical, and I’ve come away from the course with an enhanced understanding of Osteopathy.

Sarah Wooster Osteopath Current BIO Member

Thanks for our visit to focus on technique in January. We had a really great time. Here are some comments from us regarding the outcome of the day, The techniques during the routine (the dorsal, sidelying and cervical adjustments) became clearer. We were also given the opportunity to work on the rhythm through the routine. It all came together as more fluent process. The clinical set-up gave it a “real life”, live sensation feedback experience, which was really positive. Seeing and experiencing three different treatments and listen to the narratives in real time was invaluable! Take care and regards

Per Lundquister, Kristina Hagburg and Anna-Lena Torstensson Swedish Osteopathic delegation – graduates of BIO Practical Course

Howard Beardmore has distilled his passion and knowledge of traditional osteopathic clinical practice and natural hygiene into a course fit for 21st century osteopathy. If you sometimes feel this nagging sense that there is something missing from your osteopathic education, you want to “dig deeper”, if you really want to make a difference and you want to practice in line with osteopathic principles then this is the course for you.

I completed Howard’s BIO practical course in 2019. The osteopathic narrative at the core of this course has transformed my practice. I am treating increasingly complex patients with increasingly improved treatment outcomes. I am getting referrals from other osteopaths. Clinical practice is easier and more rewarding.

To call this an online course is an understatement . It is a phenomenal contemporary and historical resource for the osteopathic profession with a fully modern, practical clinical application.

Shivaun Riley, Dublin – graduate of BIO Practical Course 2019

Howard’s BIO course has revolutionised my practice as an osteopath. I have far greater confidence in managing patients since completing the course and this continues to improve with the ongoing mentoring and webinars – I completed the course in 2017. It has helped hugely in communicating to my patients that the journey to better health is a partnership we go on and they have an active role to play – I used to shoulder far too much responsibility for the patient’s outcomes before this course. Thank you for teaching me far more about Osteopathy in 12 months than I learned in 5 years at University.

Dan Trussler, Osteopath