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Becoming a BIO Member is about building your practitionership to a level where joining peers like you makes sense. Demonstrating good clinical rational, managing cases with varying degrees of complexity and showing good patient mentoring – are all part of that pathway. Becoming a BIO member is not an automatic process, all BIO members have shared case history development and demonstrated that their work is ‘constitutional’ in approach after completing the courses.

To join this thriving group, begin by first passing the online ‘Fast Track to Better Practice course’. This enables you to then take Practical Courses with Howard, whilst building your practitionership at your pace. Once you have attended Practical days and demonstrated practice, showing case progress, this can lead to an option to be invited to join the British Institute of Osteopathy.

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Please contact Howard for more information about any aspects related to BIO courses, mentoring or even just for a chat about Osteopathy, anytime!

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