Book a one to one ‘Zoom hour’ with Howard Beardmore DO



This one to one Zoom meeting package is only available for BIO online delegates, who have signed up for the whole series 1 -4 films. Email Howard to arrange a time, booked in GMT for those overseas. Can usually be arranged asap, to keep your learning at ‘warp speed!’


Mentoring delegates currently signed up to the online course series films 1 – 4 generates an opportunity to book a one to one with Howard, to discuss any aspects of the BIO Online course and your practice questions too. Perhaps take some current patients, you may have, through the constitutional diagnosis process. This is to support you on the pathway, to making a comprehensive constitutional diagnosis and treatment plan.

BIO online course delegates have found this an invaluable tool to ‘unpack’ difficult cases, build their confidence and generate better patient referrals from satisfied clients. Sometimes delegates have texted patients during the Zoom for additional case history information that Howard would need, to get that constitutional diagnosis nailed in real time. Creating ‘peers’, not followers!

Showing you, in real time, how to put the BIO Pathway to Better Practice into immediate action. The Zoom meeting is for an hour and the recording will be placed into to your Personal Additional Resources page, so you can refer back to the salient points whenever you need to. Tailoring the learning pathway to exactly what you need!