Fast Track to Better Practice – The Series – Films 1-4


Our value offer gives you the chance to save £197 when purchasing all 4 films in the Fast Track to Better Practice series together! This also includes the online summative assessment and course download notes that accompany films 1 to 4.

Who can we help using this constitutional approach?

The constitutional approach to therapeutics recognises 4 general cohorts or groups of patients.  Before we attempt to engage a case – we have to consider whether or not the constitutional approach is clinically appropriate. Group 1 would consider patients who are not complex, rarely if ever suppressing natural healing events. Group 2 would considers patients who range from those who may use occasional over the counter suppression with increasing regularity. Group 3 represents patients who for whatever reason would need specialist knowledge to unpack on the road back to better health. Group 4 represents patients who it would not be considered appropriate to approach from a constitutional perspective or outside the skill set of the practitioner.

Which group of patients are we aiming at approaching on this course?

Each part of the 4 part film course is intended to give the practitioner enough underpinning theory and knowledge to be able to approach patients in groups 1 and 2.

Dealing with patients in group 3 requires an extension of the processes of patient management learned on this course to the next level. Gaining these skills would be part of the Practical Course mentoring pathway to full membership of the British Institute of Osteopathy, due to the complex nature of healing reactions in difficult chronic cases. Group 4 is patients are those deemed to be outside the remit for constitutional approaches or beyond the skill set of the practitioner. The key is that all of the knowledge in each course can be built upon as your ability to apply the work, with mentorship, grows. You make the work your own because this course is about generating peers, not followers. By the end of this course you should be able to confidently decide which group your patient is in and have started developing strategies to understand and help them.

Fast Track to Better Practice – The Series – Films 1-4


Important Information

  • Almost 9 hours of filmed instruction
  • Downloadable notes, charts & essays for each film. New feature addition is bibliography with open access for reference
  • Online assessment for Film 1,2, 3 and now film 4, plus certificate upon successful completion listing CPD hours for each section
  • NEW! Bonus content – an extra 16 minutes focused on the side-lying adjustment of the pelvis and spine
  • Mentoring during the online parts 1 and 2, covering films 1-4, is about helping you with interpretation and understanding the concepts of the constitutional approach.
  • Discussing live cases with delegates who are new to this process is reserved for delegates who have attended Practical instruction courses only. For clarification on this contact
There are almost 9 hours of film but if you include the study of the extensive downloads, keynotes and bullet points for film 1-3 coupled with the online assessments you are looking at least 45+ for ‘learning by oneself’. The directed biblography gives you an extended opportunity to not only meet CPD requirements, more importantly find the source of this pathway to better practice and understand how it has evolved.
You can also claim the ‘learning with others component’ when you include the one to one communication on aspects of the course, with Howard, as part of the online mentoring for each section of the course.
Keep copies of emails and phone discussions as a record of extended ‘learning with others’ learning throughout the online course.


This value offer includes all 4 films in the Fast Track to Better Practice Series:

  • Film 1 – Introducing the Constitutional Approach to Therapeutics – Physiological Sphere Part 1 – Constitutional Immune System
  • Film 2 – The Constitutional Approach to Therapeutics – Physiological Sphere Part 2 – Osteopathic Principles
  • Film 3 – Constitutional biomechanics
  • Film 4 – Constitutional cases explained

Refer to individual course details for further information on the 4 Courses included in this value package.

NEW! Bonus content – an extra 16 minutes focused on the side-lying adjustment of the pelvis and spine